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Our innovative team brings together extensive knowledge and experience across the legal, publishing and mobile development industries.

Our Products and Services

At LawCompare, we develop interactive iPhone and Android mobile applications, online tools, eBooks, and more.

Direct Navigation

Our quick reference tools enable law students, librarians, practitioners and other legal professionals to find the content they are looking for with a simple click of their mouse, or swipe of their finger.

Legislation eBooks

The Bankruptcy Legislation 2021, Corporate Insolvency Legislation 2021 and Safe Harbour Legislation 2021 eBooks provide a consolidation of Australian personal and corporate insolvency legislation.

Penalty Calculator

The Penalty Calculator is a practical online tool, which determines the penalty unit value and then calculates the maximum penalty (in dollars).

Fee Calculator

This online ready reckoner identifies the fee unit value and then calculates the fee (in dollars).

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